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Social and Emotional Counseling

Amber Stokes
Social & Emotional Counselor
Phone: 208.779.4069
Fax: 208.779.4081

 Why Student Well-being matters and what we can do:

Student well-being encompasses several areas of development including mental, physical, emotional, and social. Schools and families play a significant role in student’s well-being in various ways. Student’s well-being and academic excellence are intertwined and essential to their overall success in life. Students whose well-being needs are addressed experience more enjoyment and satisfaction with life.  Integrating emotional development in to our curriculum, recognizing early signs and symptoms of mental health issues, teaching students to support one another, encourage regular exercise, health care, and healthy diet choices are all ways that we can support student well-being both in and out of the classroom.

Services Offered

Student Support Information

Student Mental Health Resources